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Marketing Support Catalog
We Know What You Need To Succeed

While other manufacturers are cutting back on service center locations, sales reps and dealer support materials, Global is going all out for you.

We offer a full array of attractive, effective marketing materials that make Global window films as easy to sell as they are to install.

Your Global Distributor carries dealer marketing and merchandising support materials designed to boost your business – samples of all can be viewed below. Clicking on a selected or “featured” item will bring up a larger file for easier viewing or to print.

Each GWF marketing support item is assigned a GWF Catalog number, followed by a description – both are located at the bottom of the featured items image.

Many of the product sell sheets and technical data pages are perfect for printing, although items such as banners, warranties, brochures, Thank You cards and the 3-part operational forms must be ordered from your Global distributor.

If you find something you like, or have a question how an item may apply to your business – jot it down and call Your Global Distributor today!
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